Living Faith Christian Center - Small enough to know you, big enough to grow you
Welcome to Living Faith Christian Center !
We're glad you stopped by to see what's being produced here at Living Faith Christian Center Church. We are a church that is growing and producing disciples for the Kingdom of God. We begin with the seed of the Gospel and we let people grow naturally by the spiritual fertilizer of God's Word, right in our community.
Our church is more than a building! It's a body of believers who come together in the name of Jesus Christ to be transformed into the image of Christ in our character and purpose, to grow in every area of our life and reproduce those who will follow Jesus life and teachings through their shared faith experiences.
Living Faith Christian Center Church, Inc. was founded by Pastors Jeffrey and Amy Ward. We are a growing and innovative church that's a little over three years old. Located in Eastern North Carolina, in the Kinston/Lenoir County area, it is a rural community rich in farming history where "good things grow". As a new church we seek to grow a very dynamic mix of people from different backgrounds for the service of Kingdom Building.
Because times are changing we realize that today's church must change as well. We can no longer employ old systems and structures to serve the needs of the people. We are developing ministries that are God inspired, God lead that meet the needs of today's church members.
Come and find out why "We're The Church That God Is Growing" to reach out and make a difference in our local community and the world. Visiting our website is a great start, but visiting us during a live worship service is even better! Come & Grow With Us at Living Faith Christian Center..
We're Small enough to know you, Big enough to grow you.
In Him,
Pastors Jeffrey F. & Amy B. Ward
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